Films In Development

For Allison (Drama): – 2x Oscar nominated director Bruce Beresford (Mr. Church, Driving Miss Daisy, Tender Mercies), is attached to direct. In the vein of “Crazy Heart”. A reclusive award winning author (BEN/55-60)  grinding through a ten year tragedy driven drought, emerges from his perpetual state of darkness after a chance encounter with the spirited, feisty, Latino single mom, (ESME/35-45 ) and her wise-beyond-her years daughter (PALOMA/8).  Ten years after moving to the Arizona desert, author Ben Wilson is still haunted by the loss of his daughter (ALLISON/21), estrangement of his son (ED/31) and the inability to write. A chance meeting with the manager of the town laundromat Esme, who comes over the border for work each day, will change Ben forever. Esme knows who he is – has read his books – and she has some spunk and takes no bull. From the first visit, she’s under Ben’s skin. Eventually, Ben meets Esme’s daughter Paloma, who may be even more of a match for Ben than her mom. As much as Ben tries to maintain a wall, he’s losing the battle. Esme and Paloma slowly tear down Ben’s gruff exterior. He will emerge long enough to write again, feel again, and finally have the longing peace from his haunted past; and in return, a surprise gift to Esme and Paloma will change their lives for the better.

White Chocolate (Coming of age/Sport): Karate Kid set in the backdrop of Chinese Street-basketball. A heart-felt, coming-of-age story about American teen, David Cowens (17) whose sheltered world comes crashing down when his family moves from their Connecticut home to a neighborhood in Beijing. Culture shock is the least of his worries when, upon arrival, he becomes the target for the local teen tough kid, Meng (18), until Ju (17), an angelic hopeful Chinese ballerina, and a former street-ball legend An-Bao (30), teach him the ropes of survival and confidence. His budding infatuation with Ju, his first love, leads him on a heroic journey of self-discovery and courage that culminates when he faces off against Ju’s over protective brother Long (25), the reigning street basketball king, for his street ball crown… and her heart.

Charlotte Sometimes (Drama): CHARLOTTE (60′s) hadn’t worked in Hollywood in a long time.  A star actor yet, deemed “difficult,” who liked a drink or two.  She didn’t help herself by hooking up with SAM EDWARDS (60), unreliable, with an aversion to settle down. Their adventures led them outside of  Hollywood, and eventually from each other.  Charlotte moved to South Dakota and became caretaker to Sam’s dad, SENIOR (80′s). Sam would come and go in Charlotte and Senior’s lives over the years but, never sticking around too long. An out of the blue call from Hollywood gives Charlotte a shot back “in” with “the” role. Between her long time friend/agent and Senior, she’s becoming convinced to take the role. No sooner does she commit emotionally than Sam shows up, again. This time perhaps to settle down? Knowing it’s her last shot, with Senior urging her to not pass this up, Sam on the other hand telling her don’t do this, no one wants to see you again on screen. With emotions ratcheted up and their thirty year history on the line–Charlotte will face off with Sam one last time.

West End Blues (Drama/Music): Darren Grant (Diary Of A Mad Black Woman/Lionsgate 50 mil. box-office hit) is attached to direct. One  year post Katrina; story follows a music teacher and two jazz musicians struggling to cope with loss, love and moving on. Devastated from the death of his wife and child in the hurricane, a music teacher JOE (30′s – 40′s) who still struggles seeing his sister-in-law ANNE (30′s) a spitting image of his late wife; befriends a one time legendary saxophone player HARRY (60`s – 70`s) now long forgotten, living more like a recluse; and along with a cocky, young, know-it-all trumpeter BENNY (20′s), the three, together, begin rediscovering their passion for life and invigorating themselves along with a damaged city through the cool rhythms of jazz. High upon the secluded rooftops of Jefferson Parrish in New Orleans they learn that even through life’s tragedies and setbacks — there is still music to be played.

Lucy In The Sky (Dramady-currently out to directors): LUCY is a precocious, seventeen year old whose step-mom BEAUTRIX is a Conservative Politician in the middle of a hotly contested election. When Lucy discovers she is pregnant, the hot-button issue of a woman’s right to choose leaps to the forefront of her Stepmother’s campaign. With the help of her military step-brother MAX, best friend ELEANOR and quirky gynecologist DR. CLEVELAND, Lucy must come of age and make what she believes is the the right choice. ** The script is not a political statement biased to pro life or pro choice — it’s presented to provide entertainment and provoke thought and discussion.

It Ain’t New Yawk (Comedy): Is a funny and poignant look at a group of five New Yorkers dreaming the big dream in Hollywood while trying to adapt to the ways of the West Coast. A fish out of water story with colorful characters and a heartfelt universal theme. Woody Allen situations with David Mamet staccato New York dialogue. Script is written by Michael Arturo, based on his original play. “It Ain’t New Yawk ” is reminiscent of independent hit films such as: “Clerks” “Brothers McMullen” and “Swingers”.

Deserter (Action Thriller): JOE, army Afghanistan vet now back home trying to figure out what his plans are; he gets into the work he does best — kill bad people. KIRSTEN, sexy waitress, head over heels for Joe, deep down she knows he won’t have her—due to circumstance. AMY a military wife, is told her husband has gone missing overseas and here at home she’s faced with the ongoing mortgage crisis and a house in foreclosure. Amy turns to the town’s local recruiter CAPTAIN GRANT for help and some answers on what happened to her husband and why his military pay has stopped coming. Two parallel story-lines begin to unfold; piece by piece the elaborate puzzle starts to unravel– charging forward to its shocking conclusion. This is NOT your typical war vet returning home movie. DESERTER is a relevant, topical and commercially entertaining film with a nice twist.

Pushing Life (Drama -True Story): Inspired by the award winning documentary MY RUN and the life story of Terry Hitchcock, a single father who ran 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days after losing his wife to breast cancer. Terry ran to honor his wife’s memory and ultimately proved that nothing is impossible. Terry’s mega-marathon of over 2,000 miles began in his home state of Minnesota and ended in Georgia just as the 1996 Summer Olympics were commencing. Terry was a 57 year old man that had no marathon experience, yet he accomplished this extraordinary feat. Film will be a co-production with Tim Vandesteeg’s Indiewood Pictures and Mark Castaldo’s Destiny Pictures.

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